Foods rich in calcium

The seventh group of VegPlate really isn't a group of foods different than those already described, but is transverse and consists of the calcium-rich foods that belong to each group, except that of fats.

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For this, in the figure of the VegPlate this group is represented by an open ring at the edge of the dish, consisting of all groups except the fats.

VegPlate recommends consumption of at least 6 servings per day of calcium-rich foods (taking into consideration also the calcium supplied by other foods that are not particularly rich). However, it is important to note that for diets from 1,800-2,000 Kcal on up, you should not pay close attention to the number of calcium-rich foods, because calcium is already assured by the varied consumption of foods recommended by VegPlate and water.

In the context of a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet, this group also includes dairy: these foods are not necessary, but, if you choose to consume them, you must do so on an occasional basis and in small quantities, since they are always animal products, like meat, and thus present the same problems. Even minimum consumption are not free from damage, for this we recommend that you avoid them altogether.

In the "recommendations" section there is a table of calcium rich foods indicating what are calcium-rich foods in each group and the calcium content of one serving.